Choosing Your Tenno: An In-depth Overview of Classes and Abilities

In Warframe, the term ‘Tenno’ refers to you, the player. Yet, the Warframe you choose dictates your combat style, strengths, and role in the battlefield. With over 30 frames, the choice can be daunting. This guide aims to simplify the selection process and give an overview of Warframe classes. Starting Choices: Excalibur, Mag, & Volt … Read more

From Zero to Hero: Leveling and Progression in Warframe Explained

In the dynamic universe of Warframe, each Tenno’s journey is unique. However, every path invariably involves growth, power, and mastery. For newcomers and veterans alike, understanding the progression mechanics is paramount. Let’s journey from zero to hero, shedding light on leveling and the many facets of progression. Warframe & Weapon Leveling Starting at level 0, … Read more

Navigating the Stars: A Beginner’s Guide to the Warframe Solar System

Warframe, a game filled with a vast universe of possibilities, can sometimes feel as vast and overwhelming as the real cosmos. But fret not, Tenno. This guide is your trusty star map, helping you navigate the expansive Solar System that lies at your fingertips. A Universe Awaits Before we dive into the intricacies of the … Read more

Unlocking the Void: Comprehensive Guide to Corrupted Mods

The Orokin Vaults of the Derelict hide powerful Corrupted mods. These mods offer significant boosts at a cost. From Overextended to Blind Rage, understand the nuances of each mod, and learn how to integrate them into your favorite builds effectively.

Aura Mods 101: Best Practices for Team Synergy and Solo Play

Aura mods, placed in the unique aura slot, can make or break a team setup. From Corrosive Projection to Energy Siphon, understanding which aura to use, and when, can greatly benefit both solo and team missions. This guide offers insights into the most effective aura mod applications.

Maximizing Melee: Condition Overload vs. Blood Rush Builds

The melee meta in Warframe is rich and varied. Two standout mods, Condition Overload and Blood Rush, each bring unique strengths to the table. This article compares and contrasts these mods, offering build suggestions to maximize their potential.