“Chili” Pepper Cheese Fries

This one is a crowd favorite. The chili peppers come chopped up and tossed in with cheese over the fresh-cut fries. Just ask nicely, and they will be more than happy to serve you up this delicious side.

The Infamous “Shandy”

A hybrid of beer and lemonade. I know – it sounds disgusting. But, please trust me: it’s freaking delicious. It’s only part beer and it is just a burst of flavors mixing in your mouth. It serves up a really refreshing experience. Just ask for it and most location should already know what you’re talking … Read more

Shack-Cago Burger

You might need to put this one together yourself, but the flavors make it super worth it. Order the Chicago style hotdog, and transfer the special relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, mustard, celery salt and peppers to your burger for a masterpiece of flavors. You’re left with an amazing Chicago style burger and a hot … Read more

Shakeburger Cheese Dog Hotdog

The photo is not worth a thousand bites, because that’s what you’ll want to do to this cheesy goodness when it’s in your hands. They split the freaking hotdog and smother hot, delicious cheese all over it. Just ask for a Cheese Dog and they should know what you mean. If not, give the cashier … Read more

Shackburger with Onions

Sorry for teasing you all with the pickles. You can even add onions into the mix for an added crunchy experience. Their onions seem to always be JUST right and I love the added kick. Of course, if you have a hot date later on, don’t have too many onions, you onion-breath demon! Let’s be … Read more

Shackburger with pickles

Your favorite Shake Shackburger just got a whole lot beast-ier (that’s a word, right?). Add some crunchy pickle madness to the already mad Shackburger for added nirvana. You will thank me later for this one. If you love pickles, this is a MUST have on your next burger. Just ask for pickles on your burger … Read more

The Smoke Shack Quad Burger

If I could marry a burger, I would marry this quad-monster. So much cheese and so much flavor. So much amazing-ness bursting in my mouth. Just ask for this beast by name and you shall be served. This is not for the kind at heart. If you’re on a diet, you might want to steer … Read more

Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger

Yes, you read that correctly. They had this on the actual menu for one weekend and it sold like (pea)nuts. But, due to allergy concerns, they took it off the standard menu, but is available on the secret menu. Ask them for peanut sauce on the side of your bacon Shackburger and you will drizzle … Read more