Think Outside The Box When Using Blocks As Decoration

In vanilla Minecraft, especially without any texture packs, it can be difficult to create detail, particularly interiors, with the blocks available to you. Fortunately, a little creativity is all that’s required to start reinventing the game’s basic items to suit your needs. The wooden stair block with signs on either side is a classic stand-in … Read more


Once you have a base and enough resources, go out into the wild to truly enjoy the game and expand your world. Just remember the bare essentials you need to survive in the wild and untamed lands and you’re good to go.

Make use of the most efficient mining tools

Using an axe, pickaxe or shovel enchanted with Fortune III will allow you to collect more drops per block. This means that with a Fortune III Pickaxe, you can get multiple drops from a single block of diamond ore rather than a single drop per diamond ore. Similarly, the Efficiency Enchantment allows you to break … Read more

Use the right potions

You now have the resources you need to brew some potions. In that case, depending on what kind of work you need to do, prepare some potions so that your work becomes easier. Use water breathing potions to stay underwater for longer periods of time, fire resistance potions to stop yourself from going up in … Read more

Automate your work

We talked about machines to sort your items earlier. But that’s not where it stops. You can make automatic farms, automatic item smelters and a lot more! This makes your work easier and is a cool thing to have in your world.

The best fuel source: Lava

So you made it to the Nether or maybe there’s a surplus of lava in your closest lava pit. In that case, ditch all that grimy coal and get a bucket of lava and throw it in your furnace. A single bucket of lava can smelt 100 items while a whole block of coal can … Read more

Plan out your builds

Let’s say you’re making a new base or renovating your existing one. The process would be much easier if you plan it out and do things like making a block palette or make a skeleton for your build with dirt before you use other materials. Remember, these should be the bare bones of your build … Read more

Storage Wars

Having an efficient and neat storage system would increase your productivity and make life in Minecraft much simpler. Keep your mining tools close to your mines, keep your food in a separate chest from your wood and if you’re good at Redstone, you can even make machines that sort out your items.

Walls and torches save lives

Building walls is something very important if you want to stay safe. Be it to protect your house or to stop creepers from sneaking up behind you while you’re tending to your crops. Walling up areas stops mobs from getting in while lighting up those areas will stop mobs from spawning in.