As with many Anemo characters, Kazuha is at his best when built towards Elemental Mastery, strengthening and facilitating Elemental Absorption and Swirl. Like Xiao he also has an extremely fun playstyle with his Midare Ranzan plunging attacks.


As the highest physical DPS character in Genshin, Eula is very strong. But where other characters provide elemental AoE damage, Eula’s powerful Icetide Vortex and Glacial Illumination abilities cater more to a one-shot playstyle, as she gathers stacks of Grimhearts to boost her damage output.


The Dandelion Knight is incredibly versatile, and that’s what makes her such a strong character. Firstly, her healing is based on her attack stat, meaning she can be a good support and sub-DPS rolled into one. Her elemental skill can also be used to to gather enemies together and blast them off ledges, while giving … Read more


As the Geo Archon, Zhongli is understandably a bit of a rock. His fortifying shields are the best in the game and he gains increased damage based on max HP. His Stone Steles also resonate with other Geo constructs causing damage. A good pairing for Ningguang’s Jade Screen ability, Albedo’s Solar Isotoma, or even Itto’s … Read more


Another excellent support character, this bookish four-star swordsman summons damage-reducing swords that heal, and his Elemental Burst follows up attacks with rain swords that inflict Hydro damage. He pairs well with Electro or Pyro damage dealers, allowing for plenty of Vaporize and Electro-Charged reactions.


A noble yet lonely princess of the Kamisato clan, Ayaka’s power lies in her ability to move quickly between opponents using Senho sprint, freezing them, and dealing massive Cryo damage. She is especially well paired with Xingqui for constant Freeze reactions. If you’re struggling to find her character ascension matierial, be sure to see this … Read more


A happy-go-lucky adventurer with an unlucky past, Bennett is a fantastic four-star support character, using his Elemental Burst for healing, a decent attack buff, and Pyro infusion after unlocking Constellation 6. He is especially well paired with Pyro DPS characters like Diluc or Klee due to that 25% attack boost from Elemental Resonance.

Hu Tao

Wansheng’s polearm-wielding Funeral Director, Hu Tao, hits like a truck on fire. She deals massive Pyro damage with her Elemental Skill and passive, but her burst, Spirit Soother, also inflicts AoE Pyro damage and heals her when it hits.

Raiden Shogun

Is anyone truly surprised that the Electro Archon turned out to be the ultimate battery? When other character’s use their elemental bursts, it makes Raiden’s more powerful, but when she uses her own burst, it also recharges everyone elses. Considering that her passives also mean she scales with Energy Recharge, it creates a glorious never-ending … Read more


This Alchemist’s strength lies in his Elemental Skill: Solar Isotoma. This ability provides a consistent source of AoE Geo damage, a fast cooldown, and produces elemental particles to fuel other abilities. It also creates a raised platform that your characters can use for plunge attacks, or to rain destruction from—no wonder Klee likes him so … Read more