Double Grilled Cheeseburger

This puts the Patty Melt to shame. Instead of toppings inside of a regular grilled cheese, this burger’s ingredients are stacked between two separate grilled cheese sandwiches. You can order as many patties as you desire, and whatever free toppings catch your fancy. Pile up the ingredients, but be careful: two grilled cheeses on their own pack … Read more

Well-Done Fries

Another In-n-Out competitor, the name describes the item fittingly. Five Guys’ french fries, especially spicy Cajun fries, are hailed as some of the best in town. But if they don’t provide the crunch you need, just ask for them to be well done. Order well-done fries and they’ll be fried for an extra long period, making for a … Read more

Patty Melt

Cost: $3.50 for grilled cheese, $1.80/extra patty Take the tender, savory flavor of a tasty beef patty at Five Guys and mash it between two buttery, grilled slices of bread. Add some signature grilled onions and a heaping pile of warm, melted cheese, and you have your very own patty melt. The sky is the limit: you … Read more

Cheese Fries

Perhaps even better than the In-n-Out secret menu Cheese Fries, melted cheese douses crispy Five Guys french fries. For the dairy addict, this innovation may be what keeps you coming back for more – a mountain of cheese baked onto your fries – despite how good the burgers are. Sometimes they’ll make them for you for free, … Read more