Chicken Tortilla Soup (Hold the Tortilla)

As the name indicates, this dish is simply a quick modification on the already-delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup. It appeals to those brave carb-free dieters, as it’s all the soup, but none of the tortilla. Try out this dish if you want the flavor of the Chicken Tortilla Soup, but not the texture and the filling … Read more

Carb Free

For an easy modification to standard menu items, just ask for “carb-free”. This typically just means a standard menu item but without the tortilla, allowing you to enjoy your meal with a little peace of mind! El Pollo Loco also offers sides that are dense in nutrients and protein but are low in carbohydrates, such as mixed veggies, … Read more

Skinless Chicken

Exactly what it sounds like, this is a healthy alternative to greasy breaded or “crispy” chicken. The chicken at El Pollo Loco is already some of the best you can find, but once you cut the skin out of the equation, over 50 percent of the fat is reduced. That makes for a lot of protein, a … Read more

Fish Tacos

For a long time, Fish Tacos were somewhat of an El Pollo Loco myth, and one that was absent from the full menu and the secret menu. That’s because they were in production and had been rolled out in some restaurants, but not all of them. These days you can find Fish Tacos in all El Pollo … Read more

Smokey Mountain Black Bean Burrito

The Smokey Mountain Black Bean Burrito looks familiar, and that’s because it was once available on the El Pollo Loco full menu. It didn’t last though and these days it’s just a memory for many. One of the main ingredients here is black beans, and these are sparse on the modern El Pollo Loco menu. As a result, this … Read more