Orange Dreamsicle

This secret menu item can also only be ordered from the combined Dunkin’-Robbins locations. If donut spoons are not your sort of thing, or you’re just looking for a fresh, cool beverage, then order the Orange Dreamsicle. This milkshake begins with an Orange Coolata, to which they add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. This … Read more

Donut Sundae

This menu item has caused quite a stir, with customers begging Baskin-Robbins to put it on the standard menu. In fact, Matt Lynch, a self-confessed Dunkin’-Robbins fan, started a petition to get it on the menu. But his heroic efforts have yet to prove effective. The Donut Sundae is exactly what it sounds like. It is … Read more

Samoa Cookie

Girl Scout cookies are not the best tasting cookies around. That’s no secret. It’s something we all know, but something we keep quiet about. Just buy the cookies, eat your poison and don’t say anything. There are exceptions though, and there is usually 1 Girl Scout Cookie that doesn’t make you gag. For us, it’s … Read more