List of AI Art Generator Tools

Midjourney: This tool uses AI to transform your photos into art inspired by great painters like Van Gogh, Picasso, or Leonardo da Vinci. DeepDream Generator: A tool that lets you make transformative changes to your images using AI, inspired by Google’s DeepDream. Dall E 2: A tool that combines images to create new ones using … Read more

Creating a Series with AI Art Prompts

Working on a series? Use similar or thematic prompts to create a set of related art pieces. This can bring consistency to your work while still exploring variations within the theme.

A Creative Playground

Think of AI art generation as a playground. Don’t be afraid to experiment, play with absurdities, and defy conventional boundaries. The goal is to spark creativity, and AI can be a valuable partner in this journey.

Exploring Symbolism in AI Art Generation

Including symbolic elements in your prompts can add depth to the artwork. For instance, ‘a clock melting in a desert’ might evoke notions of fleeting time, adding a surreal touch to your art piece.

Learning from AI Art Mistakes

AI isn’t perfect, and that’s part of the charm. Analyzing unsuccessful art prompts and understanding where they went wrong can provide insights to refine your future prompts.

Combining AI Prompts for Complex Art

For complex art pieces, consider breaking down the artwork into components and creating prompts for each. Combine the outputs for a unique composition that’s a blend of AI creativity and your artistic vision.

The Power of Iteration in AI Art Generation

Don’t settle for the first output. Experiment with different versions of the prompt, adjust details, and iterate. The power of AI art generation lies in its ability to create countless interpretations.

Art Genres and AI Prompts

Classifying your prompt under a particular art genre can steer the AI towards a particular style. Be it abstract, impressionism, or cubism – defining these in your prompts can lead to genre-specific artwork.

Understanding Color in AI Art Prompts

Color plays a crucial role in art, and it’s no different with AI. Including color cues in your prompts, like ‘a red sunset over a teal ocean’, can help guide the AI’s output.