Anything Lava Sauce

Cost: Free!

Anyone who’s tried the Volcano Taco knows the appeal of Taco Bell’s Lava Sauce. This is a spicy cheese dip that brings the heat, and with it, the flavor.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but anyone can pour — or for the weak, drip – this sauce over anything you want. There are a lot of hot foods already on the Taco Bell menu, so we would not advise adding heat on heat. That probably isn’t going to end very well for you (although we’re sure many of you will now treat that as a challenge, in which case, good luck to you). But this sauce works very well with some of the milder and non-spicy foods.

It can give them a big kick, which is sometimes just what they need to bring them to life. Of course, if you don’t like heat and you ordered the milder dishes for that reason, then give this sauce a miss.

The best thing about this super-hot Taco Bell secret menu sauce is that it is free! It is also in most locations. You just need to ask and they’ll give it to you.

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