Make A Themed Building For Each Activity You Need to Do

Every time you need a space to set up something new – an enchanting room, some brewing stands, a storage system – it’s easy to just add them into your main base and call it a day. A great way to build up a town, however, is to give each of these things its own … Read more

Curing Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers are a more recent addition to Minecraft. Essentially, the villagers get hit with a disease that turns them into zombies. However, you can cure them and activate their trading post. First, you have to inflict the Weakness status on the Zombie, which you can do with a potion. After that, you give it … Read more

Personalize Dog Collars

It’s a good idea to tame a group (read: army) of dogs to hunt with. They are great in combat and can help turn the tide in your favor. However, you may want to give them all different names and differentiate them further. You can easily do that by changing the color of their collar. … Read more

Milking A Mooshroom

Mooshrooms are a special type of cow that are exclusive to the Mushroom Biome. They are similar to regular cows and you can even milk them… except you won’t get what you expected. Instead of milk, you get mushroom stew. This is actually very useful as the stew can restore some of your hunger bar. … Read more

Walking On The Edge

Crouching is a useful way to expand your movement options. By crouching, you can actually walk a little bit off the edge of a block, and you can’t fall. This is ideal when you’re building a bridge-like structure. Be careful you don’t let go of the crouch button. If you do, then your character will … Read more

Don’t Take Beds To The Nether

Beds are useful in the regular dimension. They create a checkpoint in case you perish during your adventure. It’s a staple of every house and everyone will want to have one. Except if you’re in the Nether. Sleeping in the Nether causes you to explode. Probably not a good idea if you’re looking to get … Read more