Keep An Eye Out For The Red Notification Icon

Genshin Impact is a Gacha game no doubt, with the most obvious tell being the Wish system where players roll the odds to see if they’ll unlock a 5-star character/weapon. Of course, people can throw money at this game and roll as many times as they want, but there is a pretty well-developed in-game loop … Read more

Character Height Matters

Exploring can be a tricky process in Genshin Impact, especially when restrained behind a quickly-consumed stamina reserve. Climbing mountains can often lead to falling, swimming to drowning, the list goes on. However, what many players don’t realize at first, is that character height actually influences gameplay. Taller characters, like Diluc and Zhongli, have the advantage … Read more

Local Specialties Can Also Be Bought

When it comes to character ascension, Mondstadt and Liyue’s local specialties can often pose a problem to new characters. That much was seen during the release of Inazuma, as players hadn’t had the opportunity to collect the specialties before the release of new characters. Nonetheless, though collecting from the open world is more cost-efficient, there … Read more

Some Character Abilities Can Be Used Outside Of Battle

Elemental bursts and skills make up the fundamental basis of combat in Genshin Impact. However, players shouldn’t feel as though combat is the only use of a character’s talents. There are plenty of characters in the game that can use their skills for both exploration and puzzle-solving. For example, Keqing’s elemental skill can be used … Read more

Mark Shrines And Oculi As They’re Found

The way the collectibles work in Genshin Impact can be a tad frustrating. Chests are abundant, so there’s really no need to mark them (most of the time), but Oculi are finite, and so are Shrines of Depths. The Oculi are found literally everywhere and are comparable to Korok Seeds from Breath of the Wild … Read more