SBC and objective player investing

Probably the easiest way to make coins without really trying in FIFA. Every week there are SBCs and objectives set which rise the price of cards. Early on keep high rated players of common nations and leagues. Often you will need 83 and higher rated squads to complete SBCs. Save these early on and they … Read more

Team of the Week player investing

How to trade in TOTW players by @UniqueRiggers on Twitter. When you have coins from opening starter packs and playing squad battles etc. You can invest early in TOTW players. This will be the same in FIFA 23 over the first few weeks. Also check the analysis from @FUT_Economist of previous FIFA TOTW prices within … Read more

Keep or sell at start of FUT?

Generally if you have good players at the start hold them until the game has been out for a week to maximise profit on selling. However if you are wanting to sell to build a strong team remember that all other players will be high in value too. So the best way is to sell … Read more

Player price accuracy on sites

When trading early in FIFA 22 you have to be careful when referencing websites such as FUTBin and FUTWiz etc. In the first few days of every FIFA prices fluctuate and the tracking of the sales seems to vary between sites. Potentially meaning that selling prices shown on the sites can be wrong. To make … Read more

Which FUT players to trade in early

English Premier League is the biggest league in the world so go through players and see what their lowest buy now is. Players around the leagues who fit into various squads due to nationality. These will fit into potential SBCs too. So when a suitable SBC drops even bigger profits. Mainly the top 9 nations … Read more

Using web app filters to trade in FUT

A great video below from one of the well known traders in the FIFA community @RunTheFUTMarket. We start the video as Nick explains how he uses filters to find particular players. You can watch the entire video for help and tips but we think this is the key part of the video to make coins. … Read more

Little effort big rewards

FIFA 22 gives even more chances to have amazing players and lots of coins without a lot of effort. Just doing a few squad battles per week gets you packs. Put some effort in Rivals and even some weekend leagues equal lots of packs. Though the odds of anything decent in them aren’t great all … Read more

Easy Method for more Coins

Stop buying packs. The chances of getting a very high value player are so small you will be wasting money. Gamble when you have lots of coins if you really want to. Try to buy on a Monday between 5pm and 7pm UK time. Our research shows this generally is the best day to buy … Read more