Xbox One Reveal


After four years in the making, the next generation Microsoft console will be named Xbox One and be released around the world later this year. It has has 8GB of ram, a blu ray drive, 500 gb hard drive, HDMI in/out, 802.11n wifi, an 8 core CPU, and USB 3.0. Similar to Google Glasses,  it’s completely powered by voice commands via the Kinect.

Through Snap Mode, you’ll be able to have multiple windows open at once without gameplay being affected. For example, you can Skype call on the side while playing a game, watching TV or a movie.

Quick run-down from the reveal (will be updated with new information per minute):

  • Xbox One will NOT be backwards compatible with Xbox or Xbox 360 games
  • It comes with a Kinect and requires it to function
  • Steven Spielberg will create a live action Halo series
  • The Kinect is also getting upgraded, now capturing the world at 1080P
  • Game saves and media will now be saved via Cloud
  • The harddrive cannot be replaced only supplemented by external memory
  • A new DVR function will allow you to record and share game saves
  • 15 exclusive games will be released for Xbox One, including eight new franchises. Some of the games include: Fifa 14, Madden 25, UFC, NBA LIVE 14 and Forza Motorsport 5. More information will premier at E3 in June
  • All downloadable content for Call of Duty will be launched first on the Xbox One

Update 6:18 p.m. EST: According to Kotaku, Xbox One games will require a unique activation code in order to play. You will be able to play them at your friend’s house, however it will cost you the same price of the game.

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