Watch NYC League of Legends Tournament LIVE 12pm Today! 1/17/15

New York City League of Legends presents its  second annual local online tournament! This tournament is limited to 32 teams, and will take place this Saturday!. Also known as NYC LOL, the organization runs LAN parties, after parties, tournaments, viewing parties, and numerous amounts of giveaways for its 1300 members. Beginning in January of 2014 with only 10 members, the organization has successful run events hosted by LilyPichu, Riot KC Hicks, Riot BaconHawk, Team Curse Voyboy, Team Cloud 9 Hai, and Twitch Stream Pooksie.

It’s first online tournament rounded 34 teams entered with 26 having competed. Now they will include 32 teams with 224 players in their upcoming tournament. That’s 5 main players plus 2 subs. Currently, winners are expected to win a limited edition NYC LoL jersey with a celebratory acknowledge of the winners on the backside, No Scope Glasses, and more! In addition, MVPs will be chosen by viewers to win their own limited edition MVP jersey for the tournament.


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Qualifiers: Jan 17th, 12:00pm
Finals: Jan 31st: 12:00pm
Be sure to watch the stream  this Saturday!

For more information on the NYC League of Legends group, or to join, click here! For more information, sponsorship, promotions with NYC LoL group, Please email info [at ]

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