VIDEO: The New Meta Women in eSports Panel (Coverage)


Dive deep into this topic with GGVogue’s Narz covering the rise of the successful world of eSports with special coverage of the panel where these amazing women’s thoughts in eSports’ high level competitive scene and its growth compared to the realities of being a woman in gaming are broken down.

Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico
Rumay “Hafu” Wang
Samantha “Persia” Hancock
Lilian “Milktea” Chen

May 16 2014 Panel at NYU Game Center in NYC

“With eSports and interest in competitive gaming growing every year, understanding the different voices and perspectives in these communities is more important than ever. Women have played vital roles in eSports from the very beginning, and are a key audience for the quickly expanding industry. However, though their contributions are great, their concerns are often overlooked.”

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