Top 5 Video Game Videos of the Week!

The internet is a massive place, so finding those awesome video game videos is like finding a Mewto in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. We’ve done the hard work for you and are showcasing some of the most awesome VG videos we thought to share.

Dumb Ways to Die (in Video Games) Parody

If you familiar with the song you’ll love this VG version!

Pokémon Black & Blue — PETA’s Terrible Parody Game!

Jon plays PETA’s attempt to justify a use of Pokemon to make people feel bad about hurting animals. It’s so terrible its funny.

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game

If you a fan of the series, you might want to beg someone to make this VG version of the hit series Breaking Bad.

NES Kung Fu Twist

If you familiar with the NES Game, you’ll the twist of other awesome games compiled to this.

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