The Top 5 Most Richest Superheroes

Always wondered about other rich superheroes besides Bruce Wayne?Check out my top 5 Most Rich Superheroes below and let me know if I missed any!

5. Namor

Namor, reigning Prince of Atlantis comes in at number five. He’s also a jerk… Namor has other worldly value besides his riches. That’s right people, all that money you throw into the ocean/wishing wells, the necklace Rose lost, and all that sunken treasure from the Black Pearl goes straight to Namor. We literally make it rain on Atlantis. Namor’s worth is $6 billion.

4. Ozymandias

Marvel’s Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) can also be known as the bad guy from Watchmen, sorry for the spoiler; which brings him to be worth $7 billion. Ozymandias one ups Bruce Wayne due to his lack of morals so he can make honest and dishonest money. Again, he can be the villain or the hero… depending on how you view Watchmen.

3. Batman

Did you guess Batman would come in third ? Playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne is the richest self made superhero. Wayne’s worth caps out at $9.2 billion He made himself Batman. No chemical specials nor was he the chosen one… Well according to himself he’s the Batman Gotham deserves.

2. Ironman

Ironman comes in at number two; Stark Industries is appointed head of global law-enforcement unit S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Marvel universe. He’s also a jerk… Starting to see a pattern with these rich superheroes? The Hulkbuster armour landed a $6.2 billion deal with the Department of Defense. This leaves Ironman worth $12.4 billion.  Meh, that’s chump change compared to the richest superhero which is….

1. Black Panther


T’challa, Black Panther, Ruler of Wakanda is the number one richest superhero at a whopping $90 trillion… I’m sorry, what? (Yo, I don’t think anyone else is even in the trillions….)Wakunda is the Marvel’s world resource of Vibranium; which is stronger than the Wolverine’s claw made out of adamantium. So yea..

The richest superhero in both the Marvel and DC universe is finally gettin his own movie coming to theatres July 2018. Maybe the real tension between Ironman and Black Panther is over wealth. Black Panther is introduced in the new ‘Civil War’ trailer.

Captain America: Civil War comes to theatres April 29 in the UK and May 6 in the US.

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Junae Benne
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