[Updated: Author No longer Agrees That] The Biggest Threat to Girl Gamers: Not a Girl Gamer, Just A Photolite.

So, whom are the biggest threat destroying the culture of girl gamers? You see them call themselves “girl gamers”,but they really are what we refer to as photolites; the internet socialite that seeks attention and fame with sensual photos posing licking or biting something to do with video games, or half or fully naked with consoles or controllers surrounding their body. Why are they not girl gamers you ask? Simple. Real girl gamers do not post provocative pictures because it attracts the wrong attention. In an online community at, girlgamers.com, more girls are not willing to offer a picture of themselves so why would a girl gamer post a sexy picture of herself when it is not in her nature?


It is frustrating to see these photos that have become widely popular because of the hype they get when posted. Gaming celebrities like Jessica Chobots, became famous producing stunts similar to this but not so extreme. It is almost innate for girls who want that fame to aim for it by posting pictures infiltrated with sexual appeal and call themselves gamers. These women however, should refrain from calling their attention-grabbing photos, “girl gaming” and learn to define themselves as photolites. This would put a stop to the damage of the name of a girl gamer that continues to affect their reputation in a professional and casual gaming environment. These photolites are not real gamers, but a distorted impersonation that unfortunately girl gamers have not been able to end. Hopefully, we can set the boundaries of what a gamer is as compared to the attention seeking photolite.

If we honestly seek equality in the gaming industry, it needs to begin with our own gender. We cannot demand respect when women portray themselves with such disrespect and call themselves girl gamers. It hurts the image of women whom are fighting so hard to create an industry that empowers and encourages women to not only play games but to venture in-game design, writing, and programming. This behavior is so counter-productive, that in itself it can counter all the positive hard work millions of female gamers are venturing to create. Coining the term “girl gamer” to this photo has significant damaging results especially to young teens. The rise of “How to Be a Slutty Girl Gamer” is another lewd antic for attention (or cry for help?).

Jessica chobitsGame celebrities like Jessica Chobots have in some way sparked this controversial notion that sensuality and games can get you places. I’m not going to say Jessica is to the same degree as the women shown above, but given the fact that this picture got her the attention she needed to land a job at IGN and then later married G4’s producer and substitute host on Attack of the Show! and X-Play Blair Herter, gives the impression that if girls do more sensual stunts, they might have more of a chance to make it big and marry a successful man. It might seem crazy, but the percentage of women who want to marry up has risen even with equality campaigns and advances for women at work. [Huffington Post and DailyMail]

Let it be known, however, that there are still women seeking and aspiring to aspects of lifestyle that are not parallel to “marrying up” ideals. So ladies, if you want to seek this type of attention, by all means do whatever you want to do just don’t call yourself a girl gamer. You are a photolite.

[Update August 1st 2014]

As a journalist, we’re always changing our viewpoints because our knowledge of things evolve and sharpen. As a writer, gamer, and female I cannot say I agree with my former self anymore. I leave the article up as a testimony of change and awakening. Whatever gamer you are, be proud of who you are. However you get to where your dreams are is your road. Neither I nor any other person has any right to belittle or shun your ideals, beliefs, and morals. To all those in the previous article, I sincerely apologize. Not only did I ignorantly decide to write a post like this, but I have no right to judge who you are because it isn’t aligned to a “type” of female gamer.

Coining the term “photolite” seemed to be more a scapegoat then a term. Although the deed is done, I have new found respect for all the women who go beyond the type and embrace their own.

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