Suicide Squad May Have Been a Suicide Mission for DC Comics

#SuicideSquadSuicide Squad graced us with it’s awesome graphics and lit soundtrack. The colours were so vivid and well placed. The cut scenes were flawless it really helped the flow of the movie. The music was awesome they had one of the original Un-American Idols, Kanye West scoring in there. It’s always good when you hear Kanye in a movie you know some sick stuff is about to go down.

This movie was supposed to be DC’s answer to Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie could’ve been redemption for DC… because Batman vs Superman was not it.

The movie starts off with the backstories of how all the most wanted criminals are captured by the heartless yet #BeastModeActivated of a woman, Amanda Wheeler (Viola Davis). Now! Say what you will about her she’s a total beast and a woman you love to hate. Wheeler’s attitude and from the comics and TV series is definitely captured on screen and it’s so delicious.

Wheeler starts off convincing the US Government to fight fire with fire in a post Superman world. Her main argument is that the next Superman could be a terrorist. And no sooner does she propose this idea the witch, Enchantress (Cara Delevigne) is let loose and decides to take over the world.



Therefore the crazies are assembled and they start their first mission. This is the part where I began to realise I am watching a DC Movie sigh. The graphics were amazing until they introduced Diablo (Jay Hernandez)… it looked so CG (computer graphics) it took me right out the movie for a second. Every time I get excited about watching a DC Movie they do something to ruin it. Beyond that one point the graphics were flawless, especially with Enchantress.

The theme of this movie is ‘Honor among thieves’ meaning good guys have hearts too. As any criminal that is summoned to take orders from the opposing side, Deadshot tries to plan an escape route which involves the rest of the squad… well at least the ones that are still alive…

And that’s when the bonding begins. Now we have a movie that will create situations where villains have to choose sides.

As soon as Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), is in gear this movie turned from Suicide Squad to Harley and Friends. Which is a bit comical because apparently no one really knows about her until the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. Quinn is the only one without, I don’t want to say superpower, an actual skill. Her superpower is her being crazy and that is made clear. I wasn’t a fan of her voice. I did want to hear more Fran Dresser, Harley Quinn. She is glorified in this movie which is a new side for her because anytime Joker is on screen he’s the center of attention.


Joker (Jared Leto), I don’t have much to say on him except I was impressed. I did hear a bit of Jack Nicholson in his voice and it was comforting, well as comforting as the Joker can be. You really got a feel for his malicious ways during his seen with the amazing Common as acting as Monster T. Honestly I’m not sure which I like more, Joker being a complete jerk to Quinn or her literally being the reason he kills people. I’m not used to latter but I have always wanted to see it and I was not disappointed.

I did enjoy seeing Deadshot with his daughter, Zoe, and as a female blerd I noticed her black doll that she was holding before Deadshot was apprehended; that was seriously a precious moment. And it was nice to see that Zoe wasn’t mixed. Which is a big thing for Will Smith because they always place him with a white or Latina lady. Childish Gambino said it,

“The same reason Will Smith always opposite Latino girls” – Hold You Down by Childish Gambino

I heard there was skepticism about Will Smith playing Deadshot because he’s never been a villain and maybe he couldn’t live up to the hype. I believe he turned down a role in Independence Day Resurgence to take this roll. I see why they needed him to do it. He’s very good at that swagger-filled jerk role. He played a swagger filled jerk in Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. He definitely delivered punchlines with ease.

Croc… Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje)… He is mysterious. Ok, cool but as he began to speak I’m listening to his accent and it turns from Bayou NOLA to runaway slave! I was not ok with it, very unsettling. The Squad gave their demands and of course Deadshot is trying to make life better for Zoe and Harley Quinn is just being Quinn and Croc says his demand and he wants BET Channels. I. AM. DONE! I’m sorry come again? Yeah, I’m officially not a fan of Killer Croc.

As I continued to watch and my excitement went away. I am dissatisfied that this is the only problem the Squad is solving. I totally get the point of the movie is to be able to expand on one crisis at time unlike the series where you’re given 22 mins to solve a problem. I became bored and that’s why I was like, ‘This is it? Ok, lemme try to enjoy this.’

Suicide Squad is an OK movie. It was not wowing or shocking. I don’t think I’d watch it as frequently as I do Batman: Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises. But to be honest this Squad isn’t a match for Superman. Those had good fight scenes, Suicide Squad felt more like a filler in Naruto. However, this isn’t really filler but almost explains why villains run loose for Batman, The Flash and the rest of the Justice League continuously have to take them down. The graphics and the soundtrack were the best part of this.


Suicide Squad premiered in theatres Aug 5, 2016.

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