Submit Your Story: Winter Brawl 7 “My Tekken Battle” By Anon


Winter Brawl 7 had its highs and lows when I entered the Tekken Tag 2 with my Nina/Anna team and battled in Mortal Kombat with Kitana. Served well after I cosplayed her for the cosplay contest during my 3rd major MK tourney and first on Tekken where I centered my efforts and after a ten-year hiatus, it turns out I have much to work on.

The highs involved it being the first tourney to have a cosplay contest, my participation on stage and sharing the tourney experience with female gamers. Among them were fellow players, Da-sh, and two other female Tekken players who came to watch and support. I enjoyed playing the casual matches in Tekken and MK where I learned several new strategies from each gamer.  The more experienced players worked well when teaching me; however I must admit that it was a lot to take in such a short amount of time.

The low is being disqualified from my first Tekken match. I was in the wrong section for the pools since I listened to one of the players who told me I was in the right place; it was mostly poor judgment on my part since he wasn’t part of the staff.  In the midst of finding my way back to the correct section, one of the guys who run the tourneys mispronounced my gamer name, Sun Lioness, when he was calling me and with no mic I heard nothing. He isn’t the first to mispronounce my name, believe it or not, but it never influenced a DQ before.  None of my friends who were closer to the right pool section heard it either and I was DQed under the assumption that I was absent.

Once he got a hold of a mic, I located the line for my pool. I argued with him for a bit and wound up getting to play losers’ bracket instead. I lost both of my losers’ bracket matches to my opponent who also played Lars and Steve. The first match was really close, with the end results of 3 to 2. I lost my second match 3 to 0. Moreover, I wasn’t too happy about the interruption of round 3 in my second match since someone forgot to turn their PS3 controller off and it broke the flow of things.

We had to do the second match over where I had to deliberately lose the 2 rounds again and continued to play from there. I didn’t take this situation personally since I have witnessed and heard a lot of stories about people getting DQed, and people not turning off their controllers is an undying issue that the organization of tournaments needs to enforce to solve.

This time was the first where I experienced these difficulties and I hope things will move smoother next time, so this wouldn’t prevent me from entering again. There’s always a lot of energy around these games and I usually meet someone new and learn new skills in the games I play. I look forward to do better in Tekken next time and will continue to improve. I’ve loved the Tekken series forever and as one of the few women to attend tourneys, I feel my entering may help to encourage more of us to enter and play.

Submitted by Anon. All name were changed in order to protect the privacy of the people involved.

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