REVIEW: Poof Vs. The Cursed [and Extremely Difficult] Kitty

So, I would like to sit down and write that I got pretty far in this game and almost beat it but that would be lying.

Poof the Cursed Kitty involves you, a brave dog defending a cat that is tied to rope.  You have a very cute little knight helmet to help further your cause. You also poop as a means of defense. Anyways, Poof apparently has no way of defending itself aside from two thin pieces of glass. Once enemies break this glass, Poof gets drop kicked from the game and you lose the round. You can also lose by losing all your hearts.

This shouldn’t be difficult.

I’m almost ashamed at how difficult I found the game. A game about a cat being attacked by blue jays should be relatively easy, but it isn’t. It’s in fact an extremely frustrating game and many times as my cat would fall to it’s demise with a “MEOOOOW”, I would be screaming at the computer screen at the indignity of it all.

RIP Loser

Players can tackle missions that battle through ranges from doable “Survive 30 seconds” to what feels like impossible “Put up 5 turrets”.  Once three missions are complete, eligible upgrades are available which can be pretty sweet. Acquiring hearts help provide more health to turrets aid in battle against the hordes of bees, cat thingies, and ugly fluffy furries. The upgrades make the game easier to beat over time, but with each upgrade you face more and more difficult enemies.


Leveling up provides visual upgrades like costume changes for your imprisoned cat and a change of scenery in case dying over and over again on one background grew a bit boring.

No comment.

All sarcastic remarks aside, I liked Poof. It was a fun game with challenging missions but I wish it hadn’t started out so  difficult ( I could also be bad at this game.) The music was probably the best video game music I’ve heard in a while and it’s light cartoony style made the game more endearing. Maybe in my next 20 attempts or so I’ll  finish the missions and finally unlock the new room.


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Cristina Amaya

Cristina Amaya

Sylvia Cristina Amaya graduated from the Florida State University with a degree in International Affairs and Political Science looking into a life-long career in gaming. Ever since she picked up a N64 controller (only to put it down and run out of the room when Queen Gohma appeared) she has been an avid gamer. Her beloved ASUS laptop carries a small but growing steam library not to mention many of the MOBA's that she enjoy's playing. Once a GM to a small but able guild on Bloodhoof in World of Warcraft, she hopes to continue to create communities within the games she plays.