Review: Make Your Own iOS Game with the GamePress App!

photo 4Making a game isn’t easy. It takes planning, strategy, a good story, dynamic game play, and a great game engine. Luckily, GamePress takes a lot of the necessities out of the equation and offers a nice packaged app for the iPad to help anyone with an imagination to create any game. Granted the app itself isn’t easy, but its never been eas-ier to make an iOS game you’ve dreamed of. The app starts you off with a nice tutorial. Working your way through the tutorial, you learn the process of creating the fundamental principles. After that, your on your own. The great thing about getting hands on with the app after the tutorial is the ability to learn by mistakes.

You can try to get an education in game design, but it really isn’t until you’re out there making games are you going to learn to make games. GamePress allows users to jump into the reigns of making top-down shooters or side scrollers. There were times I had no idea what I was doing, but learning a cool way to modify behaviors to have counter behaviors was an amazing feeling.

The app allows you to import custom images, backgrounds, and animation from the Camera Roll of your iPad. Importing them and watching them come to life is an awesome! You can create sound effects too with the FX tab with reasonable ease. Within the same tab, you can manipulate particles to create you own special effects for your game. Depending on the properties, duration, variations, and spin you can create unimaginable fire, comets, smoke, and snow straight from your iPad. Each particle can be personally customized to your game and then later uploaded to the community archives online.

GamePress includes built in UI behaviors for each character, weapon, vehicle, and item. Using Game Logic, you can manipulate an item to be what the player controls or have enemies that attack the player. Objects can interactive with each other with results dependent on the developers programming. Simply drag and drop behaviors, formulas, and rules to each item to create the structure for your game. You can incorporate either the joystick or tilt feature of the iPad as the main game mechanism. There is no limit to what you can create with GamePress App!

Applying physics and logic to certain NPC or enemy images could allow them to behave according to player movement granting points upon successfully completing a task. In the future, there will opportunities to develop and customize your own containers and values to add once the community online grows.


If you are one to always tell yourself you’ve always wanted to create a mobile game, this might be the opportunity of a lifetime to jump on GamePress and get hands on experience in designing your own game. Who knows, you might create the next Angry Birds.

Check out GamePress’s website here more information and check out their YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Narz is CEO/ Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game Columnist at KnickerBocker Ledger.

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