REVIEW: Indie Horror RPG Game “Mad Father” Everything You Will Love and More

Mad Father

About a month ago Mad Father, a 2D indie horror RPG game, was released in Japan developed by “Sen” using WOLF RPG Editor. Shortly after it was translated into English by vgperson (same person for English translations of  games Ib & Witch’s House) and in less than one week this game has skyrocketed in publicity all over gaming forums. The game doesn’t have a lot of jumpscares, but it’s a creepy and intriguing game with mechanism that have you worried what to do next. The game is addictive in that the puzzles and game play aren’t like normal RPG horror games. The story itself is twisted and captivating. With multiple endings and side quests, you can expect to have a good time with the game.

In Mad Father you play Aya, a young girl who is the daughter of a scientist whose wife recently passed away. Aya loves her father very much even with a disturbing and dark past to him. However, one night his past catches with him as all the corpses of the people he has experimented on come back to life and induce havoc on their home. Aya is caught in the aftermath of a curse that has brought pure terror into her life and must find her way through the depths of her father’s lab to save him.

The game is a work of art, beauty, terror, and suspense. With a batch of intriguing characters, if you played similarly often mentioned games such as Corpse Party, Yume NikkiIb, or Witch’s House you will enjoy this game as well. Most of the audio is not original but all the artwork is. To download this game, click here.

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