REVIEW: Fearless Fantasy 2.0? Totally Worth Your Time

Thanks to the guys at tinyBuild Games I recently got my hands on their new and improved RPG Fearless Fantasy or Fearless Fantasy 2.0 as they call it. FF is a turn based RPG with many familiar features from other great games in the genre.  As much as I enjoyed the game there were certain things that I feel would make the game better but then again I guess the main focus of the game is supposed to be mobile gaming. The mechanics are pretty tightly built, the art style while playing is really creative while the cut scenes could definitely use a bit of polish.

The game focuses on Leon Tyler, a fearless (see what I did there?) monster hunter who gets a suspicious call from a woman begging him to kidnap a girl being escorted by the kings guard. The girl being escorted is Alice Sundy who turns out to be a princess in an arranged marriage with the tyrannical King Xola. After rescuing the princess she decides to join Leon and his trusty partner Vonn Vanghar on a quest to destroy Deothas, King Xola ‘s legendary pet beast that threatens the land unless Alice marries him. The story is incredibly cliché but let’s face it we’re not playing it solely for story although parts of it are really cool and the princess plot twist was a little unexpected.


Look at these guys, wouldn’t you trust them to save you?

As far as the gameplay goes it’s a very unique game. It plays very smooth and is aesthetically pleasing. Although it’s not an open world game and strictly a battle to battle system it still gives off that RPG feel. The combat system is a swipe to attack system with rewards and extra damage for correctly swiping in the right order and within time limitations. It is a pretty satisfying system since getting an Epic swipe could be the difference between winning and losing. Learning how to get the timing is tricky but once you get it done it feels rewarding. The attack system is pretty straight forward. Just by looking at it, you can guess what the game wants you to do without the need for a tutorial mode. There isn’t any moving around and it felt kind of clunky using it on my PC with the mouse which is why I’m not going to dock any points because I realized quickly that it would have been an entirely different (and possibly more satisfying) experience if I played this on a tablet or smart phone.

There are certain things that I found lacking in the gameplay, mainly the stat system. You have 4 stats Strength which raises your attack, Agility which lowers the time it takes for you to attack again, Vitality which raises your health, and Endurance which raises your energy. Out of all of these I think the most useless one is Agility which kinda makes no sense since I’d have to invest almost all of my stat points in it to make it relevant. Then I’d neglect the other stats meaning I’d have no energy to do special skills, no strength to hit hard and no health to sustain damage.

Look at these stats! LOOK AT THEM!

Look at these stats! LOOK AT THEM!

There are also items and weapons to buy pretty standard for RPG’s. However, I feel that the weapons themselves are severely under-powered. For example, the first sword that Leon has is a Class A Gun Blade only 4 attack points lower than one of the final weapons in the game. Of course the “best” swords you can buy have side effects like epic attacks hit harder and  30% chance to inflict the debuff “Wounded” but let’s face it, I’d trade that 30% for a stat increase in the actual weapon. Apart from weapons, you also have Gadgets which are basically gloves, boots, hats, belts and necklaces that give stat boosts. Right now the gadget that I feel is most effective is the belt since it gives a significant boost to the health of my characters and that way I can focus all my stat points on Strength.

One of the best and worst things about the game in my opinion is the cut scenes. They’re incredibly entertaining but they look like a 4 year old drew them( well a 4 year old learning to draw because I know some talented 4 year olds.) Despite the cut scenes looking a bit cringe-y the vocal work is pretty amazing. Adam Harrington who does the voice of King Xola does his very best Mark Hamill Joker impression which I might add is pretty spot on. The overall theme of the game is kind of like a spooky Alice in Wonderland(- oh sweet lord that’s why they named the female character Alice. Mind=Blown). Needless to say the monsters are very well designed and some of them are just a severe pain in the ass which is something you kind of want in a game or at least it’s something I look for.


F@#$ this guy in particular…

The difficulty curve shoots up incredibly by the last two fights which I believe means they don’t expect you to just go through the game in about 2 and a half hours (which is how long it took me with a couple of retries here and there). For the last fight, I felt like either I was underleveled. In the end I just had to go back and grind a bit before taking one last crack at it. Let me tell you, grinding is not what you want to be doing in this game.

There are 24 achievements in the game which are pretty hilarious including defeating the king’s lackey a total of 4 times throughout the game and the quintessential beat game in normal mode, beat game in veteran shtick. Overall I’d say the game is pretty satisfying and it hits all the essential points in an RPG. As limited as I thought the weapons and gadgets were, It really adds a degree of difficulty that makes the game more challenging and enjoyable. Do I go with the attack gauntlet and raise Vitality or do I go with the vitality belt and raise strength?(THE SECOND ONE)  Finally, the last element is the soundtrack which was surprisingly good with electronic elements one might find in any other fantasy RPG but with some very well made piano tracks as well.


These are seriously hilarious…

Overall I give the game a 4 out of 5, it definitely has the potential to be a really amazing game but I found it a bit too short for my taste. Nonetheless it is definitely worth your time and money to buy and play it. Maybe we’ll get some mad hatter dlc or something? Check out the game play and what some early reviewers are saying about the game below!

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