Rebelution Ink & Keron Grant “Coz Art” Art Show & Cosplay

Rebelution Ink is a quality screen printing service in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. Founded in 2005, it serves as an Art Gallery and Retail Space, showcasing local designers and artists and selling uniquely printed apparel. Rebelution Ink offers a variety of services including state-of-the-art screen-printing, Graphic Design, Vinyl Decals, Stickers, Postcard and Business Card Printing.

Revolution Ink held it’s first “Coz-Art” which is a fun-filled art/cosplay showcase featuring over 25 of the top illustrators and artists in the comic and entertainment industry. From legends Jg Jones and Joe Madureira to a host of fast rising talents, this art event will highlighted innovative artwork from some of the best on the scene. The opening reception includes a cosplay party with DJ Clear video mixing and live art.

GGVogue sponsored this event with exclusive WildStar Pax East T-Shirts!

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