Pop Art is Making a Comeback, and It’s Great For Gamer Fashion

Pop art originated in the 1950s, when artists challenged the norm by portraying everyday objects and people as works of art. Artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein turned familiar sights like soup cans, Hollywood starlets, and comic books into colorful, tongue-in-cheek prints. This movement redefined art, both mocking consumerism while simultaneously embracing it.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a reinvention of pop art. This time it’s not Campbell’s soup but pop culture that’s getting the royal treatment. Many people have claimed that geek is becoming chic, and you only have to stroll through your local mall to see how true that is. You can go to any Forever 21 and buy Simpsons merchandise, or hit up Hot Topic for just about any nerd license you can think of. Not so long ago, wearing a shirt featuring your favorite fictional character screamed, “I’m a total fangirl.” Now it says, “I’m totally hip.” When San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con are the hottest events of the year, and every Hollywood hit is based on a comic book or fantasy novel, you know the world has embraced its love of colorful fiction. Everyone loves to see their favorite characters over and over again, whether it’s dressing as them for Halloween, snatching up fan art at a con, posing for selfies with a great cosplay, displaying them on a shirt, or hitting up theaters to see the sequel. There’s something great about knowing that the rest of the world loves the same thing you love, and wearing that proudly on your sleeve.

Even the high fashion world agrees. Straight from the pages of Elle magazine, here’s a trend spot focused solely on pop art and pop culture.

That’s right, these are real, high-end designers, bringing cartoons and sci-fi to the fashion world. Seriously, Luke Skywalker on Rodarte? That’s legit.


Or try out Moschino, which is basically pop culture city. Now Spongebob can be high fashion, thanks to the humor, color, and fun that pop art embodies. It’s not hard to see the appeal in the pop-fashion-fusion. After all, we all get excited when we see something that we recognize, and the bright colors and creative characters that are offered up the resurgence of comic books and popularity of video games make for some really thrilling fashion.

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 5.31.45 PM


So the next time you see a bright, fun piece of clothing featuring your favorite video game, don’t pass it up. Just look at the Zelda dress shown above. Throw on some cute tights, high heels, and sleeves for a sexy fall look. You won’t just be a gamer girl, you’ll be a couture fashionista worthy of a runway. Work, girl.


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ElectroGiraffe is a New Jersey native who works in the fashion industry. She's a lifelong gamer and nerd, raised on Nintendo, Sega, X-Men, and Star Trek. She studied digital media and fashion design in college, and loves combining her love of fashion and nerd culture into cosplays and geek-themed clothing. Giraffe loves cats, high heels, books, and food!