PAX East: Anime Hats by Athena’s Wink + Cool Cat Give Away!

307848_300361919988752_161285934_nWhen we put on stilletos, a certain awareness kicks in that we are sacrificing greatat deal of confort in return for a great deal of pain.Where this is usually the case with shoes, it can also translate to other elements of an outfit such cool oversized hats which can hinder sight. Athena’s Wink does the complete opposite by making the coziest thing your head could ever dream up.  We spoke with Carol Anne, co-owner of Athena’s Wink; she has an admirable passion for her craft and it becomes evident as we peruse the racks of soft hats. Athena’s Wink anime inspired line of hats were so popular at PAX that many of the designs were already sold out when we arrived at their booth. Luckily, we were able to snag this one up just for you amazing GGV followers.




Are you diggin this style? Here’s how you can win this “Cool Cat” hat…a gift from Athena’s Wink!:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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