Our Mission

Our mission is to combine the minds of nerds, geeks, and gamers for the sole purpose of creating a female video game setting for unbiased and thought-provoking questions, ideas, and thesis about video games while promoting female and male positive representation via news, events, fashion, and articles. We aspire to be that Niche Away From the Norm that promotes games designed for females and alternative uses for video games in education, self-learning, and mental health purposes; striving to create a balanced gaming community of respect and harmony.

We are committed to stand for, support, and promote the highest standards of integrity and respect within the gaming community for males and females. We encourage all gamers to treat each other equally because we believe our culture reveals how well we take care of each other. Moral ethics are our mission as every culture needs in order to be proactive and the gaming culture should be no different.

We attest that it is not normal or appropriate to be judged by our skills, race, gender, or sexuality but rather respected. In any occasion, we do believe sexual harassment should never be used as a joke as it is discouraging and discriminating. Encouraging females to challenge any negative current ideals of girl gamers as it is their duty and responsibility to refuse to accept the common misinterpretation of girl gamers.

Being actively involved in the local gaming community and organizing gaming tournaments at local game store, supporting local game store events, and creating articles and news covering these stores, we hope to continue to aim to create awareness in these fellowship locations.

In everything that we do, we will always try to be on the cutting edge of excellence; leading the way for gamers rather than following on the world’s wake.

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