Open Beta For SMITE on Playstation 4 and Code Giveaway


SMITE For Everyone!

The mythology-action game SMITE is now officially in open beta for Playstation 4.  Players get the opportunity to experience it on Playstation for the first time ever. SMITE is an online MOBA-type where the Gods of ancient Egyptian and Greek battle it our in an action packed game for PC and Xbox One. Since launching in EU and NA in March of 2014, the game quickly solidified itself as one of the rapidly growing MOBA genre to watch out for with over 14 million players worldwide. Gameplay is in the third-person and with more game modes than any other leading game in its genre providing a unique experience unlike anything else. SMITE is free-to-play on PC and Xbox One and is now in beta on Playstation 4.

This is an exciting week for SMITE players everywhere! To keep up with the latest news on this week’s promotions be sure to check out and follow SMITE on Twitter and Facebook.

2016 Season Ticket and Bellona/Battle Maiden Code Giveaway

Bellona_BattleMaiden_Card Bellona_Default_Card

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