Is No Man’s Sky No Bueno?

no man sky

It’s hard to judge the success on No Man’s Sky because players on both platforms are having different experiences.

We know for sure that No Man’s Sky is not having the effect it hoped on PC.

It seems PC players were experiencing crash at startup of the game. PC gamers were promised multiple customizations like being able to remove HUD and 4K resolution since they had to wait a little longer to receive the game.

Over 2,000 Steam users are slamming No Man’s Sky while the another thousand are pleased with it. According to user Robo Hobo the game is running 10FPS on a GTX980.

The patches are released and Hello Games’ Sean Murray advised through Twitter to install patch and restart if needed. The biggest issue seems to be reported from players without the Visual C++ Redist 2010.


murray tweet

On PS4 there aren’t as many glitches but visual elements tend to pop up in front of you as it’s catching up with building the scene around you; it doesn’t make it hard to play.

We are waiting for a final yes or no from Sean Murray to see if No Man’s Sky will be on Xbox One.

Although the game is flawed are you still looking forward to playing it? Let us know leave a comment below or tweet us: @JunaeBenne & @GGVogue.

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