NEWS: RespiRight® Mixing Respiratory Therapy with Gaming

I recently attended an NYC Demo Game Night where for the first time I saw a miraculous thing happen. A patent pending data driven mobile based device that improves breathing performance for people with respiratory problems like Asthma, COPD, CHF, and pre and post operation. By testing, tracking, and training users can attach the RespiRight®, a respiratory testing and muscle training interactive device, to mobile devices that can identify user’s status, train, and offers therapy regimens to improve their conditions.

The amazing aspect of the RespiRight® is the ingenuity to mix gaming into it. The company has reached out to game developers to create games that promote and motivate patients, athletes, and children to improve health while enjoying their regimen. This is one of a few instances where technology meets health and gaming. Founder Bez Arkush, has created numerous products that promoted Education and recently shifted to Health, Wellness and Fitness. Focusing on Life mobile devices the company aspires to help promote good health while making it fun.

For more information or to visit their website, click here.

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