New League of Legends Champion: Aatrox, the Darkin Blade


Riot released information today on their newest League of Legends champion, Aatrox, a melee fighter who shines in team fights and duels. He’s ideal for the top lane since he can quickly farm and heal. In team fights, he can adequately hold himself and go against enemy tanks and carries with ease.

His attacks drain from his health, so it’s imperative to buy items that boost hit points instead of mana. Summoners who are familiar with Vladmir, Zak and Mundo will find it easier to acclimate to Aatrox’s health loss.

Aatrox’s passive is Blood Well where he periodically stores some of his life force and is able to draw upon it when he loses health. Dark Flight (Q) knocks up enemies. By taking Blood Thirst (W), he can heal himself on every third attack. However, when activated, it deals bonus damage to an enemy. Blades of Torment (E) fires a line of blades, slowing enemies in his path. Aatrox’s final attack is Massacre (R), where he gains an attack speed and range boost then hits his enemies in a devastating blow. His ultimate is the only attack that doesn’t drain his hit points.

As for his back story, Aatrox is one of five legendary warriors of the ancient race Darkin.

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