New Dead or Alive Trailer is a true Fairy Tale

The Dead or Alive 5: Last Round reveals costume mash up with anime, Fairy Tale.

Costumes various Fairy Tale characters such as Juvia, Gray and Mirajane are accessible by downland.

Here’s the trailer where Japanese studio, Koei Tecmo shows off the outfits:

All 16 characters get one costume.  These costumes have a destructibility function meaning they can be destroyed by landing a powerful hit. 

This is the costume matchup:
– Kasumi & Erza Scarlet
– Ayane & Yukino Agria
– Kokoro & Mirajane Strauss
– Hitomi & Juvia Lockser
– Leifang & Ultear Milkovich
– Tina & Kana Alberona
– Helena & Aquarius
– Momiji & Kagura Mikazuchi
– Marie Rose & Wendy Marvel
– Nyotengu & Minerva Orland
– Honoka & Lucy Heartfilia
– Hayate & Jellal Fernandes
– Eliot & Natsu Dragneel
– Phase 4 & Erza Scarlet
– Gen Fu & Makarov
– Ein & Gray Fullbuster

Of course Eliot would be Natsu.

The set is available in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam.

The full mashup costs $31.99, or $2.99 for each individual costume. In order to receive this set you must have the latest updates installed.

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