MagFest: A Must go Video Game and Music Festival

All my life, I have declared with honest heartfelt thought, that I was a gamer. All my life, I believe I was living a lie. After attending MagFest 2015, I feel I have experienced what it truly means to be a gamer. Do not dare call MagFest ad convention (though I make that mistake sometimes too) for it is not. Magfest is a Music and Gaming festival held for 4 days non-stop. That means 24 hrs gaming, chiptunes, panels, anime, movie and more. You might be saying to yourself ,” People got to eat, People got to sleep. People have things to do.” Well, gamers aren’t ordinary people at MagFest. By far, they would be titled as extraordinary.

MagFest is one of those events you get to be that kid again that did nothing but play games all day, attend chiptunes concerts, cosplay, attend suite parties, amazing panels, hang out with YouTubers/Streamers with no supervision and if you older than 21, get to get hammered while doing it all. Even though I didn’t indulge on alcohol that weekend, I was high on the atmosphere the festival evoked. You had veteran attendees older than my grandpa (if he were alive), jamming to chiptunes and playing Leisure Suit Larry 3 or Doom. There was no one telling anyone they couldn’t be there because they were a women, asian, gay, black, cosplayer or otherwise. Everyone was an equal in this vast oasis of non-stop gamer heaven. Some of the most amazing chiptunes artists had large halls filled to the brim with eager and excited fans young and old.

Instead of boring you with a 800 word article, journey with me to the mystical festival that is MagFest!

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Narz is a journalist whom writes about League of Legends, video game psychology, gaming events in NYC, and loves being a otaku. Currently studying CBT/positive psychology in independent research to one day become a Player behavior Specialist for eSports. She also loves curry and wine. (/◕ヮ◕)/