Lolita Fashion Comic Con Panel: Beyond the Frills

Speakers Amber Rutland , Chris M. Liryo , David Paritsky , Nancy Ramos held a panel on what Lolita is.  It is essentially a fashion that originated in Japan. Now, however it is transforming into a western phenomena. The numbers of women who love  Lolita fashion has grown in the United States. With their own cultural niche including blogs, community websites, fashion websites, online catalogs, and meetups Lolita Fashion is creating a place of its own in the Western World.
Many of you mistaken what makes up Lolita Fashion. Here is a small guide to what is considered Lolita and what is not.

Lolita IS:

First and foremost, a fashion, and as with all fashion it can be divided into categories such as Gothic, Victorian, Classic, and Punk.
A life style, you choose to live your life in the Lolita style and when dressing aim to show said style.
A community, Lolitas all around the globe can connect on networks dedicates to their style choice such as EGL, and many attend meetups.

Lolita is NOT:

A transformation, it should be an extension of who you are, as opposed to someone you would abruptly become by simply donning the clothes.
A tea-loving princess who sits around in a garden all day, because putting on a princess inspired Lolita outfit does not automatically make you like scones or stop using the casual curse word here and there.
A representation of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.
By being open-minded and seeing beyond the beautiful dresses, Lolita is more than meets than eye. For more information, tips, and advice, check out Lolita 101 Tumblr.

Corky is a freelance fashion writer at Girl Gamer Vogue.

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