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WorldChampionship2014_LogoAs you may or may not know, this weekend on Sunday October 19th the grand finals of the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship are held in Seoul, Korea. Boy are fans excited! This year we’ve seen the best teams from every region battle it out to lift the coveted summoner’s cup over their heads and join the ranks of previous greats like Fnatic, Taipei Assassins and SKT. I’ve been following the pro scene since season 2 and every year it gets bigger and better. Since the creation of the Korean server the Korean teams have been dominating the scene as we witnessed last year at the Season 3 World Championship where Korean powerhouse SKT dominated the tournament only dropping a total of 3 games; Two of which were by fellow Korean team Najin Black Sword. As if a repeat of last year, we have another Korean powerhouse that have taken the tournament by storm in the form of Samsung White. While not being the number 1 seed from their region, they are by far the best team in Korea. It is a little confusing that the best team in Korea isn’t the number one seed. However, becasue the OGN (Korean LCS) is based on circuit points and having beaten their sister team Samsung Blue in every match has earned White the number one spot.

Let's get ready to Rumble!

There are probably fans tail gating with Korean BBQ as we speak…

Despite all the hype for the Korean team we also have another amazing team in the grand finals, China’s Star Horn Royal Club(SHRC). For the first time in the short history of the E-sport, the same team has made it to the finals two years in a row. While some believe it’s going to be another Korean stomp, there are some that believe that this is the year of SHRC. SHRC has shown an impressive ability in the tournament, with new additions to the team since last year has made them stronger than ever.
These two teams are at their very best but saying that isn’t enough, let’s check out their stats!

On SSW we have:
Hyeong-seok “Looper” Jang the top laner who boasts the tournaments highest average KDA with 12.9, an impressive 403 average gold per minute and a 12k average gold per game. Look out for his Ryze with whom he has the highest KDA at 18 and of course his Maokai.

Won-seok “Pawn” Heo
the mid laner with the second best average KDA in the entire tournament with 11.9, one of the few mid laners that can actually say they’ve beaten Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of SKT in pure 1v1 battles (Faker is widely recognized as the best mid laner in the world). Watch out for his Yasuo, Jayce and of course his Fizz.

Se-hyoung “Mata” Cho the support player who in the inner circles is recognized as the top support player in Korea and quite possibly the world (a title previously held by the likes of Lee “PoohManDu” Jeong-hyeon of SKT and Hong “MadLife” Min-gi of CJ Frost). With an amazing 202 assists in the tournament second only to his opponent in the world finals Yun “Zero” Kyung-sup of SHRC (I mean come on the guy even has Sup in his last name…). I’m looking forward to seeing him on Janna if it isn’t banned with which he has an impressive 6 wins 0 losses and a staggering 27.3 KDA.

Seung-bin “imp” Gu the ADC and part of the dynamic bot lane duo who while not having the most kills or highest KDA is definitely one of the most fearsome players in the tournament. With two pentakills under his belt this tournament so far, we can be sure that he will come out guns blazing. Look out for his Twitch, Corki and Tristana.

In-kyu “Dandy” Choi the Jungler and ganking master has really shown up in this tournament. With impressive showings on Kha-Zix and Lee Sin I’m very excited for this match up vs InSec.


Now let’s check out their competition on SHRC:

Jiang “Cola” Nan the top laner and one of the newer additions to the team after the re-branding. Cola has been a very consistent top laner and his team fighting prowess and teleports have been spot on game after game. Also a prominent Ryze and Maokai player I’m looking forward to what else he has in his champion pool.

Lei “corn” Wen the mid laner showing great dexterity with Orianna in tandem with InSec and his amazing jungling. While not boasting incredible stats his team fight set ups allow for the rest of his team to shine through.

Yun “Zero” Kyung-sup the support player who currently holds the highest assists in the tournament with 205 beating out SSW’s Mata. One of the teams Korean imports previously a member of KT Rolster Arrows who has been coming up with amazing plays in just about every game he plays. His Janna and his Nami are definitely something to look out for.

Jian “Uzi” Zihao the bread and butter of SHRC and one of the few ADC’s giving Namei and Deft a run for their money as best ADC in the world. Uzi has definitely come to win( I mean this guy just seems to pull the kills out of thin air) currently standing firm at the number one spot for total kills with 103. That’s 14 more kills than Imp who stands in second place with 89. I’m really looking forward to seeing who he pulls out for the finals, as much as I’d like to see him on Vayne I don’t know if SSW will let him get it and even if they don’t, his Lucian is also a thing to fear.

Choi “InSec” In-seok the Jungler and second import from Korea InSec is widely known as an innovator in the sport and one of the best if not THE best Lee Sin player in the world (This dude has a move named after him). As much as I’d love to see Imp and Uzi go at it, as a Jungle main, this is the match up that I’m looking forward to. I suspect that at least one or two bans will be targeted towards his Lee Sin or Rengar.


As you can tell I’m very excited for these games. I went onto Facebook and did a couple of polls to see who some of my friends and members of League related groups are rooting for and why. In one poll I had a total of 21 voters (the two people that voted for TSM don’t count, let it go guys the dream is dead :/) and out of those 21 voters a total of 19 voted for Samsung White.

Here’s what one voter had to say on why he chose SSW to be the winner:

“Samsung White has proven to be incredibly consistent and can win games with leads and without them. They had a smooth ride to the finals while SHRC had a rocky way playing 2 Bo5. SHRC has a chance obviously but unless Insec can outdo Dandy, I don’t see them doing much.”

In another poll I did in a Latin American group I had 13 voters and 11 were for SSW here’s another testimonial on why they think SSW will take it:

“No es que “vaya” con ellos, es que van a ganar, ssw tiene muchas mejores rotaciones y posicionamiento que shrc, realmente creo que todos los teams tienen una o dos cosas que aprender de ellos”

This translates to: “It’s not that I’m “rooting” for them, it’s just obvious that they’re going to win. SSW has much better rotations and positioning than SHRC, I really think that all the teams have one or two things to learn from them.”

I’m currently torn between the two teams but it does look like SSW will take it, but will it be a stomp like last year’s 3-0? Or will SHRC give them a run for their money and push for a game 5? So which Team-o is going to Ryze to the top? I’d say it’s Annie-body’s guess but we can definitely expect a Rumble that will make more than one of us fans Twitch. See you on Sunday guys and gals!


Puns of Damage!

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