Jon Snow Talks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Movie Rumors (Video)


The bastard of Winterfell proves he knows some things.

The latest rumors of a Game of Thrones movie is circling and Kit Harington responds on what he makes out of this.

 “I think it’s possible,” he said. “I think it lends itself very well to the big screen, Thrones. They put it out on IMAX and apparently it worked surprisingly well. Whenever I’ve seen premieres it’s been on a big cinema screen and it’s felt like it belonged there.” – IGN

As someone who attended that IMAX viewing I couldn’t agree more however, Kit also points out that for a Thrones movie to follow the series has to surround a climatic event instead of cramming the whole series into a 2-hour length film.

“If they want to throw millions and millions of dollars at a two-hour movie in the future I think it would almost have to be the climax of something, rather than a whole series squashed down into two hours. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense.”

This is an obvious take and the common belief is that a prequel should be made called Robert’s Rebellion; the previous war for the Iron Throne and the events that led up to premiere of the HBO series.

This would be a film that could definitely answer questions raised throughout the show, i.e. who is Jon Snow’s mother? Chances are they will answer this by the end of the series but wouldn’t it be all the more intriguing to find out on the big screen?

In the mean time, enjoy Jon Snow below.

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