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What we’re looking for:

Video game coverage (News, events, reviews/previews)
If you look forward to reading video game blogs that peek your writing interest, consider developing your niche with us at GGVogue.  Our goal is to increase our coverage of the games industry through an inclusive light, providing ideas that get many thinking to change the framework in the video game community.  We seek to make this ideal come true through extensive coverage and reviews on the latest happenings in video games without the use of language that offends and/or alienates.

Anyone who contributes doesn’t have to be a game journalist or blogger. We love the diversity of voices and one of our strengths is that the voices we broadcast are not ones that are frequently heard.  We encourage and support thoughts on issues involving video games where GGVogue can be the loudspeaker that advocates the message.

Occasional guest posts are fine, however, we look forward to your growth and improvement with us as we grow as a blog as well.  We are open to setting schedules for daily posts depending on availability.

Video Game Theory (Psychology, Philosophy, In-game dynamics, design)
If you love to discuss the inside and outside of a game, from character development to in-game economy, then you are a perfect match to write for GGVogue. It is no secret that making a video game goes far beyond great graphics. If you enjoy the challenge and discussion on video game theory and the process of what makes a game great, shoot us an email.

What We Offer:
We all operate on a volunteer basis, however there are benefits involved when working for us.

Your byline will be attached to every post, where you can link to your other sites and endeavors or personal projects.

If you are ever interested in reviewing a game, you can do so. We also get offers for free review copies on occasion, though they are generally mobile titles with most free games given based on merit.

We operate on a schedule requiring you to adhere to posts on a particular day.  It is important that you can commit to writing and submitting posts based on your schedule. GGVogue values as many voices to participate as possible and rewards those that are diligent, committed, and creative.   Topics normally vary from news, events, philosophy , and opinions.

How to apply:

Before applying, please read our mission statement and see if we are good for you. If you are interested send us an email at with:

1.)An attached sample article you have written. It can be an original article created for this application, or it can be something you’ve written in the past on your own blog that we have permission to guest post.

2.) A bio about yourself posted on our team page; can contain links to your personal blog/website. Also a byline with information about yourself to add to the end of all your articles.

3.) A short paragraph on what you are interested in writing about, position you’re interested in (part-time writer/guest blogger), and what other skills you may have you would like to state (cartoonist, videographer, graphic designer, marketing, event planning).

Writing for Girl Gamer Vogue will open more opportunities for you to traverse the video game industry. We are a fast growing website and are looking for stable, strong, and committed staff that will grow with us. If you know anyone that is interested, feel free to share.

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