Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R – Now on PS Vita


Get your combos and thumbs ready!  Fighting Game fans rejoice as the latest arcade version of Guilty Gear: XX Accent Core Plus R has now been released on the PS Vita.  Guilty Gear: XX Accent Core, the original, was released on the PS2 back in 2007 and immediately was a fan favorite.  Since the game was intended for a 4:3 ratio screen aspect, GG XX Accent Core Plus R for the Vita will remain in a 4:3 ratio to maintain that intended aspect for a smooth fighting experience.  The game stays true to the Guilty Gear mythology and plays beautifully with its crisp 2D graphics.  This version will feature:


  • Fully voiced-dialogue for every character’s Storyline.
  • 25 combatants ready for battle, all rebalanced and re-tuned.
  • Local Multiplayer Options.
  • Multiple game modes including Survival, Mission, Tutorial, Story, and even a Gallery mode!

The game can be in your palms for only $14.99 & It’s rated ‘T’ for Totally AWESOME.  The “R” in this game’s name represents the culmination of feedback from the Fighting Game Community to present this beautiful work of animated sprites and fast paced battles for your pleasurable enjoyment.  This is Arc System Work’s gift to the fans.

Xbox and PS3 fans can also get a piece of the action later since Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R is scheduled for release in October for Xbox Live and PSN.  These two versions will have online matchmaking. Huzzah!  Now with that all being said, which of the 25 fighters will you plan on playing as first?

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