How I Got the Newest Doom for $26.32


doom ps4


I walked into GameStop as I casually do from time to time just to see if I can get a bargain deal. I’m looking at the PS4 games because I need to up my collection. I see Doom for $29.99 then I see it used to 59.99. My first thought is… this can’t be the current Doom. I literally shout from the back of the store and say,

“WHY IS THIS $29.99?!”

The manager answers,

“It’s actually on sale right now.”

To me this is the greatest news because I’ve been debating whether to get Overwatch for the PS4 or for Xbox One or both, because I have friends that are on both systems. Then the debate became which do I get first Doom for PS4 or Overwatch from Xbox One. So when I saw Doom on sale I knew I had to get it. The manager proceeds to inform me that if I get a used copy it’s three dollars less bringing the price to $26.

I go to purchase the game and find out that with my GameStop Rewards membership I can get three more dollars off the game… bruh! This is the best transaction in GameStop I’ve ever had. The price before tax was $23 plus I got more points on my Rewards card and now I get to play Doom. I did ask the manager if there was a digital copy available for the same price he said no but if I find one I should return this game. I haven’t found but I’m still very happy with my purchase.

If you’d like to join me on my Doom adventures add me on PSN: Junae_Guapa.

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Junae Benne
Junae grew up in Jamaican household all over the north side of Illinois. She went to Northern Illinois University where she gained a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Media Studies. Junae loves video games and comic books. Her love for journalism was inspired by various comic book hereoes such as Spiderman and Superman. A few other characters such as Iris Allen, Lois Lane, Kent Brockman from Chanel 6 News on The Simpsons and Kermit The Frog were also inspirations. Her favorite thing to read are Mangas. She loves watching Anime and action movies. Junae's has been playing video games since she could hold her own bottle. She started with the NES then moved on PlayStation One and now is a gaming junky with all the latest systems. Her top 3 gaming genres are: Action, Fighting and Adventure.