GHU’s Latest LAN Is the Biggest and Best Ever

On Saturday, November 15th, Game House Universe invited the League of Legends community to come out, bring their rigs, and play some games. With over 60 enthusiastic gamers showing up, GHU’s 4th LAN party was their biggest ever. The room was totally packed, with laptops and the occasional tower set up on every spare surface. Excitement levels ran high, straight from the beginning. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted by conversations about favorite champions, roles, and play styles. Players who pre-registered were assigned to teams and given a table with their teammates. Set-up had a party atmosphere, where everyone was having fun and socializing. Once the action got underway, teams played Mirror Matches, recreations of pro games where you had to use the same champions that the pros did.


The venue was in convenient location no matter which direction you were coming from. Right in the heart of Midtown on Broadway and 39th, it was a short walk from all forms of mass transit. Because the LAN was hosted in a meeting space, there were lots of tables and chairs, great wi-fi, outlets all over the place, and a mini kitchen. And since it’s not a LAN without pizza, there was also plenty of delicious NYC pies up for grabs the entire time. It was easy to tell when a few matches had ended, because suddenly everyone would lunge for a slice, chow down, and get right back into the game.

staring-smallThroughout the day, there were several coaches available to help newer players. These Diamond and Platinum players offered helpful tips on playing their best roles and champs. Teams were made of mixed skill levels so that matches were balanced but casual and fun. I overheard plenty of newer players asking questions of their more experienced team mates, which sparked some educational and interesting discussions about builds and tactics. We may hear a lot about how toxic the League community can be, but you’d never believe it after spending a few hours among these players. Everyone showed up with the intent to have a good time, and as a result the atmosphere was welcoming and friendly. After the organized mirror matches ended, the coaches formed two teams to play a game featured on the projector. It felt like a little mini LCS the way the audience cheered, groaned, and enjoyed the show.

audience small


Although it was great to be among people who share the same interests, my day didn’t go very well. I played a few ARAMs before my hard drive decided that this was the opportunity to crash. Permanently.


Fortunately, the day didn’t end as soon as the matches were over. After everyone packed up, the party continued at a bar a few blocks away. Drinks specials and food platters made the evening a delicious good time. And if you missed it, don’t be disappointed. GHU hosts these events once a month, and there’s a Mega LAN in December that’s going to be hosted in a bigger venue with more types of fun games mixed in, like meta-breaking matches. If you’re a League player of any skill level in or around the NYC area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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