GGVogue’s Community Event at Two Bit’s Retro

GGVogue's Community Event at Two Bit's Retro

Join GGVogue for their community event at Two Bit’s Retro in Lower East Side in NYC. Meet the staff, hang out with fellow NYC gamers, and battle it out in our competitive game Battle of the Gamers!To learn more about the event or sign up, click here to go to our meetup page.

Battle of the Gamers!

Find your new best friend for the night and attempt to earn the highest score within the Meetup group for a chance to win Two Tickets to Evolve’s Release Party Next Week Feb 11th at Bowlmor Times Square! How skilled are you at Frogger? Galaga? Pac-Man? Street Fighter? Battle it out with your fellow gamers to find out!


• Group up into pairs of 2!

• Name your Team!

• Choose between Frogger, Pac-man, Tetris, Paperboy, and secret game (announced at the event!) Pick wisely! Only the highest score among the games mentioned above will qualify to win!

• Take a photo of your highscore with your teammate, Team name, and Tweet it @GGVogue with  #GGVMeetup

• The team with the highest score wins!

• Winners announced at 10pm!

This event is 21+ but we will have more all ages events soon! RSVP and be sure to have a great time!

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