Games For Change June 17-19th in NYC on Livesteam Now!

Games for change
Games For Change 10th Anniversary starts today from June 17-19th in New York city, but if you can’t make it or are stuck in the office you can check out their livesteam now and stay up-to-date on how games can enable real world deliberate action.

Upcoming, Live, Previous Events (As of June 17th 11:29AM)

game for change
Narz is CEO/ Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game Columnist at KnickerBocker Ledger.

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Narz is a journalist whom writes about League of Legends, video game psychology, gaming events in NYC, and loves being a otaku. Currently studying CBT/positive psychology in independent research to one day become a Player behavior Specialist for eSports. She also loves curry and wine. (/◕ヮ◕)/