Gamer Couple Documentary “Player 1, Player 2: Gamers in Love” Premier in NYC May 9th at 6pm!

player 1 player 2
A new documentary called “Player 1, Player 2:Games in Love” about couples bonding better through their passion of gaming, is having its first showing in New York City May 9th at 6pm. It is thanks to the Department of Anthropology, Cinema Studies, and the Program in Culture and Media at NYU that this is made possible. GGVogue got the chance to work with the director Lina M. De Jesus Golderos to make this documentary possible. We encourage everyone to support and go to the premier! Check out more information and tickets:
Player 1, Player 2: Gamers in Love
by Lina M. De Jesús Golderos (Cinema Studies)
Couples grow closer to each other through their shared passion for video and computer games. Through humor and a competitive spirit, these gamer couples learn to navigate not only the games they play together, but also their relationships.
Information of the event:
A Student Documentary Showcase from
the 2013-2014 Video Production Seminar
Presented by the Department of Anthropology,
the Department of Cinema Studies,
and the Program in Culture and Media
at New York University
Friday, May 9 @ 6:00 pm
(doors open at 5:30pm)
Cantor Film Center
36 East 8th Street
Theater 200
New York City


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