‘Game Of Thrones’ Review: Sons Of The Harpy


The 4th Episode to Season 5 of Game of Thrones throws us curve-balls as the subtle start to the season picks up in “Sons of the Harpy.”

Let’s begin with Ser Jorah Mormont (exiled knight from Bear Island or commonly known as “Lord Friend Zone”) in a desperate attempt to return to his Queen and beloved Khaleesi – following their unfortunate fallout last season – kidnaps Tyrion and smuggles a boat cross the sea from Volantis into Essos. The Imp being the clever Lannister that he is, figures Mormont’s plans to present him to Dany as a bargain and possible pardon on her part.

This is not much of a stretch for anyone to deduce however, Tyrion admits that he was on his way to Dany as well and adds “what a waste of a good kidnapping,” this is. He also brings up the valid point that their efforts to each seek a pardon from the young Queen can be interchangeable as Jorah betrayed Dany’s trust delivering her secrets to Varys’ little birds back in Season 1. A suggestion that earns Tyrion a straight knock out to the face.

Meanwhile, on another ship Jamie and Bronn begin their adventure to rescue Myrcella from Dorne as two knights saving a Princess far away, as many songs will sing. Well, not exactly when you take into account that one of these knights is a former sell-sword and the other, the Princess’ father/uncle due to incest and jaded compass in morality. Jamie only recognizes her as his niece out loud but Bronn knows better (as does every other living being in Westeros). Jamie, however, is seeking to gain Cersei’s favor after releasing Tyrion from the dungeons last season, an act that led to the murder of his father and total dishonor to House Lannister.

Interestingly enough, Jamie swears revenge as he assures Bronn if he ever sees Tyrion again he’ll “split him in two.” Though Tywin Lannister was his father, he knew very well how terrible his father treated his little brother all these years, recalling his betrayal following Tyrion’s first wife Tysha and now his latest when he bedded Shae, the love of his life. Jamie’s intentions may be influenced by Cersei’s manipulations as he deeply loves her and feels they only have each other now (and lets not forget their children).

In any event, they arrive at the shores of Dorne and not before they get into their first fight together – well Jamie’s first fight without a hand – facing four Dornish… lets call them knights, and proves to be not too shabby as he uses his “golden hand” as a necessary tool to defeat and kill his eager opponent. Jamie calls this mere luck before suggesting to bury the bodies as “corpses lead to questions and questions lead to war.”

Moving along in Dorne, war is what Jamie will definitely get as we finally get a glimpse of the famous Sand Snakes and the return of Ellaria Sand and their plot to avenge Prince Oberyn’s death. The three bastard daughters of the late Oberyn speak of their father and their next move on the war to come against the Lannisters and the Crown as Princess Myrcella will be their tool for revenge. Somehow they were able to capture and kill the smuggler who helped Jamie and Bronn’s sneak into Dorne. It looks like plenty awaits as the lion and the mini-vipers will soon cross paths for who gets to Myrcella first.

Not much else is elaborated upon but this seems like a start and considering all the creators of the show have to cover, the Sand Snakes will have their time soon enough to start a war.

Let the blood bath begin.


In Kings Landing however, Cersei begins her plot to assert her power and overrule Margaery as she enforces the new religious cult, the Sparrows to wreck havoc on the city’s brothels and elsewhere. The High Sparrow’s influence humiliates and arrests many high lords including Ser Loras Tyrell. Clever yet abhorrent tactic by Cersei but, hey a “Lannister always pays his debts.”

Sweet King Tommen is now between a rock and a hard place as his Queen Margaery isn’t pleased one bit that her brother rots in a cell and his mother, manipulates his lovable nature against him reminding him that he is the King and can release Ser Loras as is his will. To follow, for further proof that Tommen is the polar opposite to Joffrey, he moves on to confront the Sparrows and “demands” to speak to the High Sparrow and they predictably refuse him. The Kingsguard are ready to kill them if he only says the word, the young King however declines saying “we’ll find another way” much to Margaery’s chagrin.

This is difficult to watch because Tommen is only a kid and ruling a kingdom is beyond him especially seven kingdoms where rulers must at times (if not all) subject to violence, a trait he just doesn’t posses. A fact that Cersei is well aware of and will exploit as much as she can; only question remains to what end will she push her own son?

A hop, skip and a world away at the Wall, Stannis lingers over Jon Snow as the self-proclaimed King has come to deeply admire the bastard of Winterfell. He plans to leave the Wall soon enough on route to sack Winterfell and take the North from the Boltons on his way to Kings Landing. Strategic plan however, he needs Jon to gain the North’s favor, something the Red Priestess has no problem shedding off her robe to seduce yet another bastard (recalling Gendry and the bloody leech scene in Season 3).

She puts on quite a show – in one of the most awkward scenes to watch – with Jon Snow going as far as touching her bare flesh but in the end resists claiming he shouldn’t as he still loves Ygritte, even after her death. Melisandre pulls away disappointed, but just before she departs recites the phrase that will forever haunt Jon (and the rest of us); “you know nothing, Jon Snow.”


Stannis however, may not need Jon’s help after all as Littlefinger’s scheme is going according to plan now that Sansa is back in the North ready to marry Ramsay Snow Bolton. In another inappropriate scene between this unlikely duo, Littlefinger not only discusses Stannis’ tentative arrival to overthrow the Boltons but the much anticipated story of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen; the events that triggered the whole series and led to each character’s fate up to now.

The HBO series hasn’t touched upon this since the first episode when King Robert visits the crypts of Winterfell with Ned. In the same manner, Sansa visits her aunt’s crypt and Littlefinegr rambles on about the infamous Tourney of The Hand. Prince Rhaegar went over his wife, Princess Elia Martell of Dorne and chose Lyanna Stark to lay blue winter roses over her lap where everyone fell silent; starting the war that will forever go down in Westeros history. Sansa quickly notes however, that Rhaegar did choose her aunt to then rape and murder her.

Littlefinger informs Sansa that Cersei has summoned him back to Kings Landing and tells her the rest of his scheme and how she must participate before asking if she trusts him. She wishes him well and adds she’ll be married once he returns, alluding to the fact she is on board with finishing this game to win. This is all before he kisses her once again making us all cringe at the sight.


Alas! Across the narrow sea in Meereen, Dany converses about her brother Rhaegar with Ser Barristan Selmy – who knew him well as his Kingsguard – and much to book readers knowledge, reveals how her brother enjoyed singing to the people of Kings Landing while he made sure no one killed the prince. This was an endearing moment cut short as the Queen was summoned to yet another meeting with Hizdahr Zo Loraq regarding reinstating the fighting pits. In the midst of this the Sons of the Harpy strike again this time killing Seconds Sons in what seems to be the same brothel the Unsullied visited previously.

These whores are in on the rebellion and Dany must watch out!

Grey Worm and the others come in on the scene to keep the peace as the Sons of the Harpy go on a killing rampage in the streets. The Unsullied are seriously outnumbered as more and more Harpy bros barge in and unsullied by unsullied fall. Ser Barristan draws his sword in the nick of time shortly after being given the day off and fights valiantly alongside Grey Worm who’s already acquired of few stabs to his abdomen.

This is an epic battle scene where the odds are not in our heroes’ favor and yet they are able to kill off each one right before they fall as Barristan is stabbed and a Harpy readies himself to cut his throat, Grey Worm swoops in to save him just before collapsing next to Barristan.

You can imagine how this ends as the audience is left awestruck and wondering “what the EFF just happened?!!”

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