Game House Universe’s BYOC LAN Event To Behold

Look at that smug smile, he probably just stole the enemy blue buff…

Ever wanted to go out and meet new people that play your favorite video game and just have a massive LAN party without all the hassle of doing it yourself? Or maybe you’ve seen all the news on DreamHack and thought to yourself “that would be cool if it was closer.” Well if you live in New York City then there’s an event happening once a month and possibly more frequently in the future due to its steady growth that’s doing big things in this regard. The event is held by Game House Universe, the brain child of local summoner, Chris “Mergers and Mana” Kovalik. The idea is to get local gamers together in-person to enjoy games the way they were meant to be played. Their latest event was held on October 25th. I had the pleasure of going to the first event and now the third event and let me tell you the difference is huge.


Some say he’s a dreamer, but he’s really a gamer~

The venue is smack in the middle of Manhattan on 39th street an ideal spot for everyone from the different boroughs and tri-state are to converge. At the moment, the venue is the right size to cater to the current amount of people coming out but soon the event will move to a bigger lcoation due to the increase of attendees. The event is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) with space for several desktop pc’s and numerous laptops. Honestly there isn’t a single person or thing that can make me take my gaming desktop (her name is The Get Rig or Die Trying) and haul her on a train but for the first time I was thinking that if I ever were to do it, it would definitely be for an event such as this. The commitment of some of the gamers showed their dedication to make events enjoyable.


Judgment free zone, even if you’re on a Mac…

After everyone is there and set up, people were delegated into teams. Generally they do Mirror Matches, a new take blending competitive and social play. As stated on their site:

GHU picks Pro LCS or World’s match ups and the teams must “Mirror” the game using the exact same champions as the pros did. That said, item builds and lanes do not need to be the same. Your team is confined to use the accounts of your active and sub’d teammates. This works out since newer players are fairly constrained and use what they know and better players end up using unfamiliar champions.

Overall, it’s a very fun event and even if you don’t bring a PC you can hang out, enjoy the games, and eat some pizza (yes there is pizza!). GHU has begun a series called Gamers of The Universe which is their very own take on the famous Humans of NY specifically for gamers. Check out their Facebook page and their website where you can see a bunch of photos and even replays of the games at  Lookout for the next event. I’ll see you there!

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All images sources are from GHU’s Facebook.

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