First Thoughts on S2Games New MOBA : Strife

      I opened up the Strife client after a simple download process and impatiently attempted to skip the tutorial. I’m warned against it, “as even seasoned MOBA players” may have a difficult time. Fine. I play through the tutorial, which is a bit of a narrative. It teaches me to fight foes with Caprice the Pirate Queen as my spirited guide. The introduction is simple. It’s a MOBA, and this isn’t a genre I have difficulty getting into. I play through the tutorial enjoying the combat system and thinking of creative puns for the word Strife.

Serious Business

I’m tasked with freeing Auros the “pet caretaker”. While pets are awesome and adorable, and who doesn’t like a turtle (Tortus) wandering alongside them, I can’t help but feel this was an element thrown in to give an unnecessary level of depth. Though my tortus (Picked for his similarity to my first starter pokemon Squirtle) does provide a helpful healing spell, it doesn’t provide anything but a pretty bow to the main event.

Gotta Catch Em All!

But the main event isn’t too shabby to look at. Even in low-medium quality play, the graphics are pretty and whimsical. They remind me of “The Secret of Monkey Island”, with their lush tropical colors and dense leafy backgrounds. It seems like the game wants the animation/art style to live up to the more “casual” atmosphere that it is supposed to provide over Heroes of Newerth. It certainly feels like it’s supposed to be a cute side game not to be taken seriously.

Elaine Marley, is that you?

However, a couple of games with other players, would suggest otherwise. I decide, at the get-go that I don’t want to tackle this alone and reach out to others in the general chat, quickly finding myself a friend to team up with.

Friendship is a Journey

Our team argues when we load into the game. “MID” demands our Fetterstone and soon enters a passive aggressive argument with Shank. “There is no meta” Shank replies but acquiesces and rolls down to the bottom lane to hang out with me. Laning phase (Is this a thing?) takes about 20 minutes, and the game in total took about 45. It felt even, and most of our games felt even. We were almost always on the verge of a comeback but due to lack of skill between my new friend and myself, I feel we lost it for our team on multiple occasions.

The games are fun, and engaging. The combat system interesting and unique enough that I was happy to learn new spells, but sometimes difficult to see what spell was hitting me and if I was ever really in the way of anything. That being said, I feel that this confusion will be cleared with more play through. Would I play again? Absolutely! But I certainly hope the average time of the games are shorter for a game that boasts a more casual nature.

Assist Queen.

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Cristina Amaya

Cristina Amaya

Sylvia Cristina Amaya graduated from the Florida State University with a degree in International Affairs and Political Science looking into a life-long career in gaming. Ever since she picked up a N64 controller (only to put it down and run out of the room when Queen Gohma appeared) she has been an avid gamer. Her beloved ASUS laptop carries a small but growing steam library not to mention many of the MOBA's that she enjoy's playing. Once a GM to a small but able guild on Bloodhoof in World of Warcraft, she hopes to continue to create communities within the games she plays.