Fantasy League of Legends: Create, Manage, and Compete with Your Own Team!


Although its been recently posted on Reddit, Fantasy League of Legends has been around since 2013. Smaller websites have dabbled into the concept for a while, but its been only recently that worldwide hype has been created. So why all the fuss about Fantasy League of Legends? Well like anything else that is popular; you can make money and you can do it by playing a video game. Here is just an example of prize pools for managers.

Season 3 Summer Split Champion Managers

1st ($1,000 prize) – Heliosan
Ranked 1 in NA
Ranked 32 in EU

2nd ($600 prize) – J_ky
Ranked 8 in NA
Ranked 42 in EU

3rd ($400 prize) – SinTheory
Ranked 26 in NA
Ranked 11 in EU

I know what you thinking,  “Now I can manage a fantasy team and win actual money?!” Well, in a way yes, but it still takes strategic planning, hours of research, and dedication to win. Create your team of your favorite 5 Pro players. Create, manage, and trade players to build your team’s net worth. Play in different regions to earn a salary from your team. Salaries are based off of points from player statistics which are heavily correlated on player performance. The news is so awesome, that even Yiliang “DoubleLift” Peng is excited.

However, constantly monitoring your team members and trading them at the right time, can hinder or advance your team.

Example of Point System

Position Kills Assists Deaths Minions Doubles Triples Quadras Pentas Wins
Top 40 25 -20 20/13 60 100 160 240 120
Mid 40 20 -20 20/16 60 100 160 240 120
Jungler 40 43 -20 20/12 60 100 160 240 120
ADC 40 20 -20 20/18 60 100 160 240 120
Support 20 78 -20 0 60 100 160 240 120

To check out more tutorials and guides, check out the Fantasy League of Legends website here!

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