Exclusive Coverage of GGVogue & Rebelution Ink Press Start! Video Game Art Exibition



GGVogue and Rebelution Ink’s Press Start! Video Game Art Exhibition was a hit! Artist, gamers, and hipsters gathered for a night of gaming, art, live DJ, Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright Live-action movie! However, if you missed it or don’t remember much of the night, here is Narz interviewing some of our artist from the event that showed up. Many thanks to all our sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and artists!  Check out more interviews at GGVogue YouTube Channel!


About Press Start!

Girl Gamer Vogue and Rebelution Presents Press Start! is an opportunity for vendors and talent to showcase their work to a the video game community. Press Start! seeks to cultivate the rising phenomenon of videogames and art by creating a marketplace of imagination with a mix of posh ambiance, live music, and drinks.

The source of the project is to strengthen the video game community with aspects gaming that go beyond gameplay. By mixing the passions of gaming and the loves of artist (wine/art/and music), Press Start! hopes to create a positive holistic gaming art scene.

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Music By DJ J-Ball

DJ SkyBoxx [ facebook.com/skyboxx1 ]

Game Stations Sponsored by
Mashfest NYC [ facebook.com/mashfestnyc ]
StreetPass NYC

Featured Artists:

Tina Lam [ http://turnonred.me/ ]

John Cosentino [ http://kazigrfx.com/ ]

Terence Tolman [ http://Terencetolman.com/ ]

Patricia Caldas [ instagram.com/limahilton ]

Kyle Kubik [ instagram.com/obeykube ]

Thomas Rowe [ facebook.com/JerseyKingDesigns ]

Adam Shub [ facebook.com/squarepainter ]

Kenly Dillard [ http://kenlydillard.blogspot.com/ ]

Peter W. Yip [ http://peterwyip.com/ ]

El Stabo [ http://www.elstabo.com/ ]

See One [ http://www.seeoneart.com/ ]

Alexander Reynoso [ facebook.com/SpunkyDesign ]

Robert Plater [ http://rplater.carbonmade.com/ ]

Berto Ray Barreto [ http://www.berto-art.tumblr.com/ ]

Daniel Cattell [ http://chozoboy.deviantart.com/ ]

Christopher Maghintay [ http://chrismag.com/ ]

Nigel Harden [ http://thinkmyfriend.carbonmade.com/ ]

Chris Erickson [ http://made-of-triangles.tumblr.com/tagged/cross-stitch ]

Anna Maria Giovannini [ http://annagiovannini.carbonmade.com/ ]

Felix Martinez [ instagram.com/cat_atomic_art ]

Casey “Miski” Uhelski [ http://cuhelski.com/ ]

David “Bruckaroni” Bruck [ http://bruckaroni.com/ ]

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Narz is a journalist whom writes about League of Legends, video game psychology, gaming events in NYC, and loves being a otaku. Currently studying CBT/positive psychology in independent research to one day become a Player behavior Specialist for eSports. She also loves curry and wine. (/◕ヮ◕)/