Etrian: Mystery Dungeon Announced By Atlus

Atlus recently announced a crossover between it’s Etrian Odyssey franchise and Spike Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon franchise. But it wasn’t confirmed for a western release until after Play Asia leaked a US version of the game, entitled Etrian: Mystery Dungeon. The game features Mystery Dungeon‘s randomly generated dungeon map every time a dungeon is entered and Etrian Odyssey‘s customization parties with 10 characters to chose from and hardcore combat.

“The first part of the game has you playing as a Swordsman, but after that your free to customize your party of four from any of the ten different classes” says Atlus

The first person perspective of  Etrian Odyssey is gone in the form of a more fixed overhead perspective.The localization news comes after the announcement of Etrian: Mystery Dungeon, Etrian Odyssey V and Etrian Odyssey II remake. Although no information has been given on the Western releases of the other two games, it isn’t a stretch to say these games will come West at sometime in the future. As a fan of Chunsoft’s Pokemon: Mystery dungeon series I’m really happy to see more reskins of the game being released and as a person looking to hop into Etrian Odyssey games I’m really happy to have an easier point of entry.

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Malyk Johnson

Malyk Johnson

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